Take Action: Let the Party Leaders Know you Care


Email Party Leaders and join those who to say you support clean energy, clean jobs and a healthy environment. It’s our future.

New Brunswick is NOT for SHALE.


I support clean energy, clean jobs and a healthy environment.

(Did you know? Renewable energy creates six to seven times more jobs
than the oil and gas industry per dollar invested)


  • I value our quality of life here in New Brunswick.  I support concrete policies, initiatives, and programs that promote the development of renewable energy, while creating long term sustainable local jobs that reduce our carbon footprint and enhance the strength of our communities and our quality of life.
  • I care about protecting and enhancing my family’s health and well-being. I will not put my family’s health at risk for the questionable promise of a few temporary jobs and unproven economic benefits.
  • I believe we must be doing more to prepare for the challenges of climate change, including reducing our dependence upon fossil fuels. Climate change is a recognized scientific fact and we are already experiencing its impact.
Therefore, I do not support shale gas and oil exploration and development, which has scientifically-proven risks to health, environment and climate, yet offers few jobs and no proven long term economic benefits.
This issue is important enough to me to be a major decision-making factor when I vote in this election.
I request an email from you as party leader to clearly explain your position on shale gas and renewable energy prior to the election.
 I am not alone in my stance regarding shale gas development. I am joining with:
  • 20,000+ New Brunswickers who signed the largest petition ever presented to the New Brunswick Legislature
  • 75+ New Brunswick communities
  • 20+ New Brunswick organizations including the New Brunswick College of Family Physicians, the New Brunswick Nurses Union, Unifor, CUPE, PSAC-Atlantic, and the New Brunswick Lung Association
 All of whom have taken an official stand requesting a ban or a moratorium on shale gas development.

Let your party leaders know you care and that you want a clear stance on this important issue by filling in your name and email above.