Voice of the People Tour References

Provided below are the studies referred to in the Voice of the People Tour presentations

Medical Studies

 Long term study:

Human Health Risk Assessment of Air Emissions from Development of Unconventional Natural Gas Resources“, Lisa McKenzie, Ph.D., MPH, University of Colorado School of Public Health, Science of the Total Environment.

The new meta-study of all research

Potential Public Health Hazards, Exposures and Health Effects from Unconventional Natural Gas Development Colorado School of Public Health, University of Colorado Denver, 13001 E. 17th Place, Campus Box B119, Aurora, Colorado 80045, United States  Graduate School of Public Health, University of Pittsburgh, 130 DeSoto Street, A710 Crabtree Hall, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15261, United States, Environ. Sci. Technol., Article ASAP DOI:10.1021/es404621d
Publication Date (Web): February 24, 2014

Individual Studies – Peer-reviewed

Birth Outcomes and Maternal Residential Proximity to Natural Gas Development in Rural Colorado. Lisa M. McKenzie,1 Ruixin Guo,2 Roxana Z. Witter,1 David A. Savitz,3 Lee S. Newman,1 and John L. Adgate1Colorado School of Public Health and Brown University. Environ Health Perspectives;
Advance Publication: 28 January 2014

Estrogen and Androgen Receptor Activities of Hydraulic Fracturing Chemicals and Surface and Ground Water in a Drilling-Dense Region, Susan Nagel, PhD. Missouri University School of Medicine, Endocrinology; Endocrine Press, Volume 155 Issue 3 | March 2014

Fracking Emissions Up To 1000x Higher Than EPA Estimates  – new study by Purdue University and published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.


Individual Studies – Not Yet Peer-reviewed

Low Birth Weight Study, Janet Currie of Princeton University, Katherine Meckel of Columbia University, and John Deutch and Michael Greenstone of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Economic Reports – Not peer reviewed studies

 Exaggerating the Employment Impacts of Shale Drilling: How and Why,
Multi-State Shale Research Collaborative – Nov 2013
Fiscal Policy Institute (New York), Policy Matters Ohio, Keystone Research Center/Pennsylvania Budget and Policy Center, Commonwealth Institute for Fiscal Analysis (Virginia), and West Virginia Center on Budget and Policy.

MORE BANG FOR OUR BUCK  (Do the Math Slide)
How Canada Can Create More Energy Jobs and Less Pollution
Bkuegreencanada, Nov. 2012

2013 Massachusetts Clean Energy Study
Massachusetts Clean Energy Centre

Wastewater Fish Kills

Histopathological analysis of fish from Acorn Fork Creek, Kentucky exposed to hydraulic fracturing fluid releases (91955) Papoulias, D.M., and Velasco, A.L., 2013, Histopathological analysis of fish from Acorn Fork Creek, Kentucky exposed to hydraulic fracturing fluid releases, Southeastern Naturalist 12(Special Issue 4): 90-111, (91955)