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Nearly 80% of all peer-reviewed research on shale gas development
has been published only since January 2013.
Science is just beginning to understand the impacts.

We all learn differently, here lies a variety of videos, magazine articles and research papers to aid you in your own research.

Recent NBASGA Presentations

On August 19, 2015 a delegation of three NBASGA members presented our case against UNGOD (UNconventional Gas and Oil Development)  to the New Brunswick Commission on Hydraulic Fracturing. This 3-person panel was tasked with determining if the premier’s five conditions for lifting the moratorium could be met.  Here are NBASGA’s submissions and the final Commission report:


NBASGA Videos (2015)


One-Stop Shopping:

Shale Gas Fact Sheets:  We know that the amount of research material is overwhelming, so the NBASGA has compiled the Citizen’s Guide to Shale Gas, an easy-to-read information package of 12 individual .pdf pages, each one focusing on an issue of importance to all New Brunswickers, whether or not they live in areas that may be leased for shale gas or oil extraction. This package explores the topics that the government has not addressed and that industry would rather not discuss.

NBASGA Updates:  As time passes, more and more studies emerge and local events happen. Here are short .pdf documents that summarize the findings and significance of local events:


Latest Scientific Studies: 

On Economics, Jobs and Community Impacts:

  • How Shale Gas Extraction Affects Drilling Localities: Lessons for Regional and City Policy Makers – this Cornell University study, released in 2012, speaks to the reality of jobs and economies in shale gas development areas.
  • Drill Baby Drill – J. David Hughes, a geoscientist who has studied the energy resources of Canada for nearly four decades, including 32 years with the Geological Survey of Canada as a scientist and research manager researches the promises of the fossil fuel industry.
  • The Effects of a Natural Gas Boom on Employment and Income in Colorado, Texas,and Wyoming – Weber, Jeremy (2012). “Energy Economics. Vol. 34, No. 5, pp.1580-1588 . Weber finds that $1 million in shale gas production results in just 2.35 net total jobs within counties in Texas,Colorado, and Wyoming.
  • The Economic Value of Shale Natural Gas in Ohio – Weinstein, Amanda and Mark Partridge (Dec, 2011) ; Points out there is a difference between 1,000 jobs for one year and then none, versus 100 additional jobs for 10 consecutive years, or 10 additional jobs for the next 100 years. ” Impact analysis such as that used by the energy industry typically does not differentiate among these scenarios and the whole topic is usually ignored by the media.”

On Health:

On Water:



For Landowners:


General Magazine Articles:


Dr. Susan Steingraber’s series articles on shale gas for Orion Magazine:

  • The Fracking of Rachel Carson – Fifty years ago a book changed the way we think about nature—or did it? (Orion Magazine, Susan Steingraber)
  • Sand County, the Sequel  – In which the land ethic gets turned on its head.(Orion Magazine, Susan Steingraber)
  • When Cowboys Cry – The fossil fuel-based economy is breaking hearts all over the fracking place. (Orion Magazine, Susan Steingraber)
  • Fracking Democracy – In which you get 120 seconds to say why shale gas should be left in the ground. (Orion Magazine, Susan Steingraber)
  • The Whole Fracking Enchilada – The latest technique for extracting natural gas trumps every other environmental assault. (Orion Magazine, Susan Steingraber)
  • Shale Game – Four ways of looking at a natural gas deposit.(Orion Magazine, Susan Steingraber)
  • The Silence of Science – OF THE SEVENTEEN people who gathered at the Inergy compressor station site, Steingraber at age fifty-three, was one of the youngest. The oldest was eighty-five. Many protesters had roots in the region going back generations. What they talked about was frustration.


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