Reputable Climate/Energy Resources

Online Newspapers:

The National Observer:
Canadian.  National news, including probably the best coverage of energy and climate in Canada. In depth coverage. Allows several free articles, but is really inexpensive to subscribe.

The Narwal:
Canadian.  Energy, climate, other environmental news, justice. Free to subscribe.  Takes donations.

The Tyee: 
Canadian.  West Coast newspaper. Does a lot of climate and energy coverage, especially BC and Alberta. A number of free or paid options.

The Guardian:
UK- International.  Regular newspaper, but with extensive coverage of global climate and energy. Free.  Takes donations or paid subscriptions too.


Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives:
Canadian. Commentaries, reports videos on wide range of topics including climate, energy, environment, but also politics and related subjects. Free.

Corporate Mapping:
Run by academic researchers. Analysts and independent journalists. Focuses on the fossil fuel industry by investigating the ways corporate power is organized and exercised.

The Carbon Brief:
UK based, but collects climate and energy stories from other sources around the world.  You can get a daily update emailed to you. Free

Global.  Produced by Food and Water Watch.  Energy, climate, environment, food, water Free

Primarily climate, energy, environment, but also politics and related subjects. Free, but takes donations.

Inside Climate News:
Global independent investigative news organization that covers energy, environmental science, climate, plus law and policy. Free, but takes donations.