Our Strategies

In early 2014, NBASGA adopted two main strategies:

  1. Public Education Campaign (our Voice of the People Tour in April-May 2014) to explain the harmful effects of fracking and to mobilize the people of NB to demand that the candidates for the 2014 provincial election declare their stance on this very important issue.
  2. Our ‘Science Suit’ Legal Action against the Government of NB, which we initiated in June 2014.

Our public education campaign was hugely successful and that year, shale gas became the main electoral issue. In December 2014, a new Liberal government kept their campaign promise and enacted a moratorium. Our ‘Science Suit’  remained paused, but ready to proceed should the situation change.

Now in 2018, with an election pending, the Progressive Conservative leader has stated his intention to lift the moratorium.

We encourage all New Brunswickers to use their voice,
to vote consciously and thoughtfully, and to utilize their democratic right to choose a healthier, more sustainable future of our province.