Liberal firing of Dr. Eilish Cleary a dark day in New Brunswick history

MONCTON, NB (Dec. 8, 2015) – Members of the New Brunswick Anti-Shale Gas Alliance are shocked and dismayed at the unprecedented action taken against Dr. Eilish Cleary.

“This has effectively put a fatal bullet into any hopes that this government had of obtaining a social license for any endeavor that impacts the health of New Brunswickers,” says spokesman Jim Emberger. “Dr. Cleary was perhaps one of the few remaining voices in government with any credibility with the citizenry.”

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The esteem afforded Dr. Cleary– clearly evidenced in the public realm by the many awards and honours bestowed upon her, the most recent just days prior her forced leave – both within the province and throughout the international public health community has cast her as one of the few shining lights in New Brunswick’s reputation.

The action taken against Dr. Cleary undermines the core values of public health, and has cast into doubt the impartiality of the entire Chief Medical Health department, destroying the trust that Dr. Cleary established through her leadership and hard work. This will have grave impacts on the department’s future work in the community.

This unconscionable act stands in sharp contrast to the premier’s own pre-election words, when he stated, “I have great admiration for the dedication and courage displayed by our medical officers of health in recent years. We need to learn more about the new risks we face in our modern lives, but just as importantly, our public health officials need to be able to communicate those risks with New Brunswickers openly and freely.”

“The government has self-inflicted a gaping wound to its reputation, credibility and trust,” says Emberger. “This will stand as perhaps New Brunswick’s darkest day and the worst decision of this administration. It will continue to haunt their term in office unless it is quickly corrected in an act that is open and transparent.”


The New Brunswick Anti-Shale Gas Alliance represents the interests of New Brunswickers opposed to unconventional gas and oil exploration and development, while promoting a future in clean energy alternatives.

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