Many area residents who live in the urban areas of Moncton do not even realize that they live within a potential frack zone in NB. Nor do they realize that all New Brunswickers will pay the costs associated with the industry…costs to roads, health, social and emergency services.

Areas to the north and west of Moncton, including Irishtown Nature Park, Evergreen Subdivision, West Mountain Road, Humphreys Mills, Sunny Brae, Hildegarde, Lutes Mountain are part of the SWN Resources lease area.

Riverview is framed by leased areas, including Salisbury, Upper Coverdale, Stoney Creek to Hopewell Cape, and until recently, part of the Turtle Creek Watershed.

Find out where the leased areas are (blocked and shaded in the image below), and whether you live in the frack zone by visiting the GNB website.

moncton leases2