Your vote in this election may be the most influential one you will ever cast.

There are many important issues in every election, but the decisions that the next government will make on facing the climate crisis will determine the future for you, your family, the nation, and the planet for decades to come.

Please find out where your candidates stand on the climate crisis.  Then vote only for a party that you feel accepts and understands the seriousness of the issue, and will go beyond campaign slogans to create solid plans that will actually address it.

If we don’t adequately address the reality of our changing world, we’ll be unable to solve our other problems.  Your vote can change the future for you, your children and the generations to come.

Find out what the experts have to say about each party’s plans to address the climate crisis:

Listen to this CBC interview with Dr. Louise Comeau (Director of the Environment and Sustainable Development Research Centre) and Carl Duivenvoorden (sustainability consultant) analyze and individually rank each party's climate plan.

Anticipating the need to highlight important issues facing Canadians today on environment, economic justice and human rights, aquestionnaire was sent to Canada’s six main political parties in July 2019. View the summary and details of the official responses from the political parties surveyed.

The platforms of the political parties were the sources used by EnviroVote Canada to determine the environmental policies of each party.

This is what each party proposes in their platform:

(Under Our Commitments, choose dropdown list: Protect the Environment, and Move our Economy Forward)

(Additional plans for a Green Economy can be found here.)