by Jim Emberger

A group of physicians, nurses, and allied health professionals in New Brunswick is sounding the alarm on the health risks associated with shale gas production using the extraction process known as hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking,” and calling for a permanent ban on the practice.

The New Brunswick groups and national organizations sent a letter to all of our MLA’s and Premier Higgs that catalogues the serious public health concerns associated with fracking, and calls for a total ban on the practice in our province.

Below are links to the press release and letter in both languages. It is worth your time to read the quotes lifted from a number of studies cited at the very end of the letter (pdf), to get a sense of how much new research is out there, and the variety and seriousness of the illnesses involved.

These devastating fracking-related health outcomes are entirely avoidable, so long as we say “no” to fracking. Not only is this important in maintaining population health, its also important for managing the stress on an already fragile health care system.” 

—Dr. Maya R. Kalogirou, PhD, RN, President of the Canadian Association of Nurses for the Environment

As NBASGA has been claiming for many years, there is no safe way to frack.  It is gratifying to see that position verified by health professionals armed with the latest research.

New Brunswick physicians call for permanent ban on fracking due to unacceptable health risks

Les médecins du Nouveau-Brunswick affirment que la fracturation hydraulique pose des risques inacceptables pour la santé