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New Brunswick Election: NBASGA Looks between the Lines of the Electoral Debate

New Brunswickers who are looking for the facts about shale gas are not getting them from the current political debate. They are often being deliberately misled or else are confused by politicians who don’t understand the issues, themselves. And they are definitely missing out on critical information.

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Nova Scotia Ban delivers another blow to the fracking industry

MONCTON, NB (5 September 2014) – The New Brunswick Anti-Shale Gas Alliance (NBASGA) applauds a decision by the Government of Nova Scotia to place a ban on hydraulic fracturing (fracking), and calls on the Government of New Brunswick to do the same.

Nova Scotia Energy Minister Andrew Younger announced Wednesday, Sept. 3, that the government of Nova Scotia will “introduce legislation this fall to prohibit high volume hydraulic fracturing for onshore shale gas, until more evidence is available on its impact”.

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